Wandoan Photo Challenge 2020

Judging & Prizes

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An independent, professional photographer will do the judging. Each entry will only be identified by a number.

Seventeen prizes will be awarded over three areas of judging. There is also a Best Photographer Award (prize money $500) open to anyone who enters three or more photos.

1. Category Prizes – the judge will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in each of two categories (“Dogs, Dogs, Dogs” and “Small Town, Big Country”) for Open entrants and also for Young Photographers (12 prizes in total).

2. Local Entrants’ Prizes – the judge will award two prizes (regardless of category) to local Wandoan district entrants: one for Best Adult photo and one for Best Young Photographer photo. It is possible that one or both of these local winning photos could also win a category prize.

3. People’s Choice Prizes – a People’s Choice vote, conducted at the Wandoan Show, will determine overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. The judge will select 30 photos (the prize-winning photos from 1 & 2 above plus the judge’s next best photos to a total of 30) for people to choose from. Printed copies of these will be on display at the show.



      Dogs, Dogs, Dogs               Small Town, Big Country

     1st – $500                        1st – $500

      2nd – $300                       2nd – $300

       3rd – $200                       3rd – $200


Young Photographers

     Dogs, Dogs, Dogs                Small Town, Big Country

     1st – $250                        1st – $250

      2nd – $150                       2nd – $150

      3rd – $100                       3rd – $100


Wandoan Locals

Best Local Adult – $300

Best Local Young Photographer – $200


People’s Choice

1st – $500

2nd – $300

3rd – $200


Best Photographer Award