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Two Big Changes for 2020

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We’re introducing two changes to the Wandoan Photo Challenge in 2020.

The first is the photo categories:

– A key theme of the Wandoan Show next year is built around the legend of Mick the dog. To play our part one of the categories is going to be “Dogs, dogs, dogs”. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your favourite dog (or dogs!). Working, playing, sleeping, being clever, being stupid, or just plain cute.

– The other category is “Small Town, Big Country” and the subject choice for this one is entirely up to you. What we’re hoping for is unique, fresh takes on our region. People at work or play, landscapes, historical features, animals, birds, trees, flowers, close-ups, panoramas, cloudscapes, nightscapes . . . let your imagination run free.

The other big change is a Best Photographer Award. To be in the running all you need to do is enter at least three photos (to give the judge enough variety to decide on overall ability). The prize is $500, plus of course the honour of taking out the top prize.

Everything else stays the same, as summarised below.

1) Entry Classes

You can enter the Open class (for entrants of any age) or, if you’re under 18, the Young Photographers class. The categories for both (see above) are the same but for the Young Photographers class the entry fees and prizes are halved. Young Photographers can also enter their photos in the Open class but must make that entry separately and pay the additional fee. (See Rules & Guidelines and Judging & Prizes for details).

3) Prizes

There are 12 category prizes plus three People’s Choice prizes. Two separate prizes are also given to the best Wandoan Open and Young Photographers entries. Including the new Best Photographer Award, total prize money in 2020 will be $5000. Details here.

4) Judging

The judging will once again be done by Fiona Lake, a well known and highly respected professional photographer.

5) Other rules & restrictions

Photos must be taken after March 31, 2019 and within a 100 km radius of Wandoan (click on the 100 km Radius Map up top). They must be owned and taken by the entrant and if permission is required, that must be obtained (see third point in Rules & Guidelines). B&W photos and postprocessing are welcome.

We greatly look forward to seeing your favourite shots.


News & Updates


Sadly, the Wandoan Show had to be cancelled this year but the Wandoan Photo Challenge is still on.

Same prizes, same opportunity to show off wonderful photos of our district – and perhaps of your dog(s)!

With the Show cancelled it’s even more important to keep the Photo Challenge alive and well so please enter exactly as you would have. The closing date is midnight this Friday, 20th March. To enter, just click on the green “Enter Online Here” button at the top right of this page.

We obviously won’t be able to display the photos at the Show and we’ll also have to work out the best way to get the People’s Choice voting done.

We’ll provide update details here about that, about when and how the winners will be announced and when the photos will be on display at the Wandoan Cultural Centre.

P.S. Depending on how this coronavirus business evolves we may even be able to have a viewing and awards evening. We’ll keep you informed.


You can now enter your favourite photos into the 2020 Wandoan Photo Challenge.

Just click on the green  “Enter Online Here” button at the top right of this page and follow the instructions.

Best of luck.

P.S. Don’t forget about the new Best Photographer Award (see below).


There’s a new Best Photographer Award (prize money $500) open to anyone who enters three or more photos.

This award is about finding the best photographer rather than the one best photo. It’s decided by the judge and will reward consistent high quality and creativity over at least three photos entered by the one photographer.

Winning it will be a real honour.

(The award was suggested by Fiona Lake, our judge last year and also this year. We fell in love with the idea at once.)


Once again, many thanks to Senex.

Their continued sponsorship makes all of this possible

With many thanks to our generous sponsors

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