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A Very Good Year


The slideshow above is a selection of shots from the 2021 competition. 

In this space we’ll generally focus on photos that didn’t win a prize but, as you’ll see, that doesn’t mean they’re not great shots. 

Most of this first selection are from the Top 30.

The 2021 winners can be seen here, the Best Photographer Award selection of shots here and the Judge’s Top 30 here.

To see all of the 2021 entries see below.


The slideshow of 200 entries from 2021 can be accessed by clicking on this link which takes you directly to the slideshow within OneDrive. It’s a big file (361 MB) so it takes a while to load.

Once open it automatically starts going through the slides which are arranged by class and category, starting with Open class / Work – General. Each change of class and category is marked by a transition slide.

At the bottom there’s a slide counter and little left and right arrows to move on more quickly or move back. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

By clicking on “Start Slide Show” towards the top right, it expands to full screen. Here too, you can use your keyboard arrow keys to move on more quickly or go back. Press “Esc” to exit full screen.


It was another good year for the Wandoan Photo Challenge. We received 200 entries, many from photographers in surrounding districts entering for the first time.

Much of this new interest stemmed from the Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn sites we launched in late October last year (thanks Jac!). Since then, 144 photos have been displayed as photographers from all over the district posted photos to their social media sites and tagged @wandoanphotochallenge.  These pages will become active again late this year in the runup to the 2022 challenge.

The Judge’s Top 30 entries were displayed at the Wandoan Show and hundreds of attendees voted for their favourite to decide the People’s Choice winners.

All the winners were announced at a presentation in the WAGS marquee at 4 PM on Saturday 10th April. We were fortunate enough to have both our judge, Paula Heelan, and Trevor Robertson from our sponsor, Senex, to assist us.

Paula also generously provided incisive comments about each of the winners. Her comments can be viewed here.

Once again, many thanks to everyone who entered. Many, including Paula Heelan, commented on the steadily increasing average quality of the entries over the years. It’s  a credit to everyone and we look forward to seeing what delights next year will bring.

Helen & Ingolf

News & Updates


The winners can be viewed here and a slideshow of all the entries is here.


Once again, our heartfelt thanks to Senex.

Their continued sponsorship makes all of this possible.

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