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Work is the Big Thing in 2021


The slideshow above is a selection of shots from the 2020 competition. It will change from time to time.

We’ll mostly focus on ones that didn’t win a prize (you can choose to look at them anytime) but that doesn’t mean they’re not great shots. 

To see all of the 2020 entries see below.


The slideshow of 247 entries from 2020 can be accessed by clicking on this link which takes you directly to the slideshow within OneDrive. It’s a big file (433 MB) so it takes a while to load.

Once open it automatically starts going through the slides which are arranged by class and category, starting with Open class / Small Town, Big Country. Each change of class and category is marked by a transition slide.

At the bottom there’s a slide counter and little left and right arrows to move on more quickly or move back. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

By clicking on “Start Slide Show” towards the top right, it expands to full screen. Here too, you can use your keyboard arrow keys to move on more quickly or go back. Press “Esc” to exit full screen.

The Wandoan Photo Challenge in 2021 will be focused on “Work”. So much so there’ll be not just one, but two work categories, one for normal work photos and the other for close ups focusing on the finer details of work.

Each category will offer $1000 of prize money ($500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd and $200 for 3rd). Anyone entering three or more photos across all three categories (these two plus the standard “Small Town, Big Country” category for everything “non-work”) will also be in the running for the Best Photographer Award.

Work isn’t just the standard country pursuits and multitude of resources jobs but also the “invisible” work like cooking, caring for others and cleaning; retail and office workers; doctors, nurses, emergency workers and volunteers. What we’d love to see are photos that capture the essence of some aspect of a job, that bring out the skill, the feel, maybe even at times some of the drama, beauty or fear.

The “Close up” category is for shots that zoom in on details: hands working on wood, leather or metal; welding; an upper body and face as someone concentrates on a delicate task; some of the scrum around a calf at branding; a well lit, intriguing bit of gear. The only limit is your imagination and having a camera to hand. Fortunately, with smartphones that’s now pretty much a given.

This is an experiment. Work is so central to our lives and often involves so much skill, much of it arcane, that we suspect there’s a treasure trove of images just waiting to be taken. Or maybe already being taken. It’s also a way to bring more men into our comp.

Fingers crossed.

Helen & Ingolf

P.S. Pretty much everything else in the competition stays the same but there are a few changes as noted in “News & Updates” to the right.

News & Updates


You can now enter your photos online for the 2021 Wandoan Photo Challenge.

Simply click here (or on the green “Enter Online Here” button above) and follow the instructions.

Note the closing date is midnight Friday 19 March 2021.


As of January 5, half the sixteen photos in the slideshow are new.

Again, they’re shots that didn’t win a prize but (like so many of the entries) are fascinating photos. 

(Please note that some of the photos have been cropped to fit into the display format.)

P.S. All last year’s entries (with captions) can be viewed at the slideshow here.


We now have Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages featuring up-to-date photos taken within 100 km of Wandoan.

For your photo(s) to feature, post them to your favourite platform and add these tags:


P.S. It may take a little while for your photo(s) to appear because of the backlog but rest easy, it’ll happen.

P.P.S.  Any photos you post can still be entered into the 2021 Wandoan Photo Challenge.


Thanks to the generosity of Phil Woodhouse of Sonder Productions we now have a lovely 60 second video promoting the 2021 Wandoan Photo Challenge.

Some of you may recall that Phil entered some excellent photos into last year’s comp (as well as winning the 2020 APPEA & In.Sight Photographic Award). We’re most grateful for his time and effort.

You can watch the video here.”


We’re delighted to announce that Paula Heelan has agreed to be our judge in 2021.

She’s a well-known professional photographer deeply involved in regional photography and journalism.

Paula has kindly agreed to lay out some thoughts on taking good photos and the sort of things she’s looking for when judging.

Click on the right hand button just above or here.


For Young Photographers, there will only be  one category (“Small Town, Big Country”) in 2021.

Lovely as many of their entries were over the last two years, too few young people stepped up and we can’t keep paying out far more in prize money than we get in entry fees.

If we get overrun with Young Photographer entries in 2021 we’d like nothing better than to reconsider for 2022.


Once again, our heartfelt thanks to Senex.

Their continued sponsorship makes all of this possible.

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