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People’s Choice Vote and 2020 Results


The slideshow of all 247 entries can be accessed by clicking on this link which takes you directly to the slideshow within OneDrive. It’s a big file (433 MB) so it takes a while to load.

Once open it automatically starts going through the slides which are arranged by class and category, starting with Open class / Small Town, Big Country. Each change of class and category is marked by a transition slide.

At the bottom there’s a slide counter and little left and right arrows to move on more quickly or move back. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

By clicking on “Start Slide Show” towards the top right, it expands to full screen. Here too, you can use your keyboard arrow keys to move on more quickly or go back. Press “Esc” to exit full screen.


Our first virtual vote went better than any of us had hoped. We received over 280 votes which is not that far off what we managed with lots of arm-twisting at the Show stand last year!

Three marvellous shots were chosen so our thanks to the voters and congratulations to each of the winners.

We can now release all the results:

The 17 individual prize winners are on display above (click on any image to see it enlarged) and also on the official results page.

Then there’s the inaugural Best Photographer Award. The competition was stiff, so much so that after deciding on the winner our judge also singled out three other photographers as highly commended and included a selection of their shots. No money for them (or prizes) but a real honour to be praised in this fashion.

Since it’s the first time this prize has been awarded, and given the three additional highly commended choices, this year we’re displaying these results on a separate Best Photographer Award page.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated.

We look forward to 2021.

Helen & Ingolf

P.S. Since we can’t display all the entries at the Show this year the full slideshow is available on the web. Simply follow the instructions in the column to the left.

News & Updates


Our judge, Fiona Lake, had a tough job. She made fascinating choices, some of which surprised us but generally feel right on reflection. Here’s how she sums up her approach to judging:

“Excellence is where interesting action and creativity meets technical excellence. Ultimately making an impact matters –but when all else is equal, technical skill will of course win. And details matter – it’s what elevates good to excellent.”

She was also good enough to comment on all the winning photos. The photographers who took them will of course receive these comments but they’re so interesting (and in our view valuable) that we’re making them more broadly available in a “Behind the Scenes” document here.


This year the Photo Challenge received 247 entries, 211 in the Open class (just marvellous) and 36 from Young Photographers. We were a little disappointed with the latter number but the quality of entries went a long way towards making up for it.

So, a big thank you to everyone who entered.


Once again, our heartfelt thanks to Senex.

Their continued sponsorship makes all of this possible.

With many thanks to our generous sponsors

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