Entries close this Friday, 22nd March 2019


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Not many days left now. On March 22, entries for the Wandoan Photo Challenge close.

It’s going to be a nailbiting countdown as we wait to see how much fruit comes from our two major innovations. The first, of course, was to extend the radius within which photos can be taken to 100 km from Wandoan. While it will take time for our regional neighbours to become fully aware of this opportunity, some have already leapt at the chance.

The other big change was adding a Young Photographers class, solely for under 18’s. Wherever possible we’ve visited schools around the district and spoken to students. In the longer term we have high hopes but here too, it’s likely to take time for knowledge of this to sink in.

In any event, we look forward to seeing the entries and wish all of you the best of luck.

Competition Details

1) Photo Categories

There are just two, People & Places:

· People: At work, at play, at rest. Intimate portraits or a crowd. Close-ups. Posed or spontaneous. The primary focus just needs to be on people or something they’re doing or making.

· Places: Anything from our district, made by nature or made by man. There can even be people in the photo, they just can’t be the main attraction.

2) Entry Classes

You can either enter the Open class (for entrants of any age) or, if you’re under 18, the new Young Photographers class. The categories for both are the same but for the Young Photographers class the entry fees and prizes are halved. Young Photographers can also enter their photos in the Open class but must make that entry separately and pay the additional fee. (See Rules & Guidelines and Judging & Prizes for details).

3) Prizes

There are a total of 12 category prizes as well as three People’s Choice prizes adding up to $4000. There are also two separate prizes given to the best Wandoan Open and Young Photographers entries. Details here.

4) Judging

The judge will be Fiona Lake. She’s a well-known professional photographer who has dedicated her life to capturing the essence of the bush and we’re delighted to have her onboard.

5) Other rules & restrictions

Photos must be taken after March 31, 2018 and within a 100 km radius of Wandoan (click on 100 km Radius Map here or up top). They must be owned and taken by the entrant and should permission be required, that has to be obtained. B&W photos and postprocessing are fine. Again, for further details on all these matters (and others), see Rules & Guidelines.

And that’s it. We greatly look forward to seeing your favourite shots.


News & Updates


Click on the green “Enter Online Here” button up top and you’ll be taken to the official Entry Portal.

You can complete all your entries (in both categories, if applicable) at the same time. No need to fill out multiple entry forms. Just follow the instructions carefully and all will be well. You’ll also receive an automatic email confirmation.


The slideshow now displays the Finalists from 2018 that didn’t take out one of the prizes.

Photos taken in portrait format change the whole page layout so to see the four non-winner portrait finalists click here.

The winning photos can still be viewed by clicking on “2018 Winners” up top.


For the 2019 Photo Challenge, the radius within which photos must be taken will be 100 km.

Most of us take our best shots while we’re just living our lives, not going out and looking for them. So, if we’re going to get our neighbours in Miles, Taroom, Chinchilla and elsewhere properly involved in the Wandoan Photo Challenge, we really need to let them do that.

The map (see button above) has been updated to reflect that change.

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